Brew Dogs

Brew Dogs

3 Seasons

James and Martin head across the Atlantic to share their enthusiasm for craft brews in major U.S. cities. At each stop on their journey, Watt and Dickie celebrate the city's distinctive beers and create their own locally inspired -- and often outrageous -- drafts, including brewing the world's most caffeinated beer in Seattle and a clam-infused beer in Boston. It's all part of the guys' goal to get people thinking about beer in a new way.

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Brew Dogs
  • Brew Dogs: San Diego

    Episode 1

    James and Martin set out to make a quintessential Southern California brew by using ingredients they harvest themselves, including kelp and the world's hottest chili -- brewed while traveling 70mph on a train up the Pacific coast.

  • Brew Dogs: San Francisco

    Episode 2

    The Brew Dogs get "foggy" in San Fran by making the world's first vaporized beer. You don't drink this beer, you inhale it.

  • Brew Dogs: Philadelphia

    Episode 3

    James and Martin make The Most American Beer Ever Brewed. It's brewed on a float during a Fourth of July parade - and the final ingredient is added as fireworks light up the Philadelphia sky.

  • Brew Dogs: Seattle

    Episode 4

    James and Martin brew the world's most-caffeinated beer -- a big, bold, chocolate-coffee imperial stout -- on the top deck of the Bainbridge Island Ferry.

  • Brew Dogs: Denver

    Episode 5

    In the mountains of Colorado, James and Martin team up with Dale of Dale's Pale Ale to invent a wild west beer.

  • Brew Dogs: Portland

    Episode 6

    Portland, Oregon, has a unique personality that calls for a unique beer. That's no easy task in a town that's home to 60 craft breweries and world-renown hops. So what do you say we cut out the hops entirely? James Watt and Martin Dickie enlist the help of Ben Kehs from Deschutes Brewery and urba...

  • Brew Dogs: Boston

    Episode 7

    In the season finale, Martin and James brew a Boston Clambake beer infused with lobsters and clams. They take their beer on the high seas on a tall ship sailing through Boston Harbor along with Sam Adams' proprietor and legendary craft beer entrepreneur Jim Koch.