Brew Dogs

Brew Dogs

3 Seasons

James and Martin head across the Atlantic to share their enthusiasm for craft brews in major U.S. cities. At each stop on their journey, Watt and Dickie celebrate the city's distinctive beers and create their own locally inspired -- and often outrageous -- drafts, including brewing the world's most caffeinated beer in Seattle and a clam-infused beer in Boston. It's all part of the guys' goal to get people thinking about beer in a new way.

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Brew Dogs
  • Brew Dogs: Aberdeen

    Episode 1

    James and Martin return home to their very own Brew Dog Brewery in Aberdeen, Scotland to revive the ghost of a dead Scottish beer.

  • Brew Dogs: Brooklyn

    James and Martin head to Brooklyn, the craft beer epicenter of the East Coast, and team up with entrepreneurial home brewers Stephen Valand and Erica Shea of the Brooklyn Brew Shop as well as modernist chef Wylie Dufresne to create the ultimate Big Apple Beer.

  • Brew Dogs: Berlin

    Episode 3

    James and Martin are in Germany, where they're teaming up with old friend Greg Koch, who is poised to open Stone Berlin, the first ever American craft brewery to land in Europe. The three craft beer pioneers join together again to celebrate one of the world's most renown beer cultures while rocki...

  • Brew Dogs: Vancouver

    Episode 4

    James and Martin head to Vancouver, BC to craft the perfect pre's-ski beer, a piping hot-chocolate beer brewed in Whistler. Partnering with Vancouver's Main Street Brewing Company, the guys take advantage of Whistler's many high-adrenaline activities, and take their brew on the ultimate winter sp...

  • Brew Dogs: Louisville

    Episode 5

    A night of drinking in Louisville with Sean Patton and Jay Larson of "Best Bars in America" inspires James and Martin to brew a beer that tastes like the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby, a mint julep. Teaming up with Against the Grain Brewery, the guys head to Buffalo Trace Distillery and b...

  • Brew Dogs: Grand Rapids

    Episode 6

    James and Martin head to Grand Rapids, Michigan and take advantage of the icy temperatures to brew a potent, ice-concentrated Eisbock with Founders Brewing Company. And what better place to brew an Eisbock than 15 feet under a frozen lake.

  • Brew Dogs: Brussels

    Episode 7

    James and Martin split up to discover the best of Belgium's craft beer scene while helping to create some of the world's most distinctive beers.

  • Brew Dogs: Miami

    Episode 8

    The heat is on in Miami, where James and Martin pay tribute to the city's infamous rum running history and brew a rum barrel aged beer while traversing the waterways outside of Miami Harbor.

  • Brew Dogs: Nashville

    Episode 9

    James and Martin head to Music City to brew a beer inspired by Nashville's legendary music scene. The guys team up with Tennessee Brew Works and use music to power their brew system.