The BrewDog Show

The BrewDog Show

2 Episodes

Our founders James Watt and Martin Dickie travel the globe brewing collaboration beers with the best in the business.

The BrewDog Show
  • The BrewDog Show: Columbus, USA

    Episode 1

    James and Martin are in their adopted US home in Ohio to brew the ultimate Columbus collaboration beer. With local breweries Land Grant, Seventh Son, and Rockmill they head to the Blue Jackets ice hockey rink to brew a beer with buckeye nuts, which are unfortunately poisonous.

  • The BrewDog Show: London, UK

    Episode 2

    James and Martin make the Ultimate Beer and Cider Shandy with Simon Wright, the founder of Hawkes Cidery, and they do it in the most British way possible: while stuck in traffic at the top of double decker bus.