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  • Spirit Guide: Tokyo

    Explore Tokyo's incredible cocktail culture as we follow Suntory's brand ambassador Johnnie Mundell in search of the perfect Whiskey Highball and a hidden bar.

  • Out of Range: Iceland

    Chef David LeFevre meets up with his good friend and one-time Icelandic Chef of the Year, Volli, in Reykjavik. Together they take in the sights, eat fermented shark, fish for fresh uni, go on a snowmovile adventure, and chef up a delicious meal of Arctic char.

  • Into The Wilderness: Faroe Islands

    Jon and Pat travel with their friend Jacob from Mikkeller Brewing to the Faroe Islands – 18 rocky, volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway. They're on a quest for ingredients to inspire their next world-class beer, and have a few pints with adventure along the way.

  • Into The Wilderness: Dominican Republic

    In this episode, Jon and Pat meet up with their friend Jeremy in the Dominican Republic where they learn about the history and craft of making cigars. On their adventure, the culture and beauty of the island inspire them to make a one-of-a-kind beer.

  • The BrewDog Show: London, UK

    James and Martin make the Ultimate Beer and Cider Shandy with Simon Wright, the founder of Hawkes Cidery, and they do it in the most British way possible: while stuck in traffic at the top of double decker bus.

  • The BrewDog Show: Columbus, USA

    James and Martin are in their adopted US home in Ohio to brew the ultimate Columbus collaboration beer. With local breweries Land Grant, Seventh Son, and Rockmill they head to the Blue Jackets ice hockey rink to brew a beer with buckeye nuts, which are unfortunately poisonous.

  • Brew Dogs: San Diego

    James and Martin set out to make a quintessential Southern California brew by using ingredients they harvest themselves, including kelp and the world's hottest chili -- brewed while traveling 70mph on a train up the Pacific coast.

  • Brew Dogs: San Francisco

    The Brew Dogs get "foggy" in San Fran by making the world's first vaporized beer. You don't drink this beer, you inhale it.

  • Brew Dogs: Philadelphia

    James and Martin make The Most American Beer Ever Brewed. It's brewed on a float during a Fourth of July parade - and the final ingredient is added as fireworks light up the Philadelphia sky.

  • Brew Dogs: Seattle

    James and Martin brew the world's most-caffeinated beer -- a big, bold, chocolate-coffee imperial stout -- on the top deck of the Bainbridge Island Ferry.

  • Brew Dogs: Las Vegas

    James and Martin hit Chicago, Illinois, to make the greenest beer ever for St. Patrick's Day. But how will they make a draft that looks, tastes, and is made as green as possible? The boys get in the spirit by joining a traditional Irish hooley and taking in some local color, including a beer and ...