24 Episodes

Drinks writer Matthew Latkiewicz schools you in the A-Z's of alcohol. He actually wrote the book on drinking—the highly readable, entertaining, and dare we say educational "You Suck At Drinking," which you should definitely pick up from Amazon or wherever physical and digital books are sold.

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  • Drinktionary: A is for Alcohol

    Episode 1

    Alcohol by any other name is methane. Explore the early origins of booze and all the ways it's changed to become your favourite adult beverage.

  • Drinktionary: B is for Bartender

    Episode 2

    Go behind the bar to shed some light on the stewards of the sauce.

  • Drinktionary: C is for Cocktail

    Episode 3

    Learn more about the cocktail, made famous in Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide back in 1862!

  • Drinktionary: D is for Dale Degroff

    Episode 4

    Have a look at the Rainbow Room's Legendary King of Cocktails and the difference between a mixed drink and that crap you drank in college.

  • Drinktionary: E is for Egg Whites

    Episode 5

    Explore the cocktail's most polarizing ingredient: the egg white. Does it lead to a frothy dream or a slimy disaster?

  • Drinktionary: F is for Flask

    Episode 6

    Learn why the flask is the must have accessory for any honest Drinker.

  • Drinktionary: G is for Grog

    Episode 7

    Learn how five shots a day and Admiral Sir. Edward Vernon created this 1740's colonial classic: Grog.

  • Drinktionary: H is for Hangover

    Episode 8

    No good deed goes unpunished as we explore the hangover.

  • Drinktionary: I is for Inebriation

    Episode 9

    Venture into the truly great unknown: Inebriation.

  • Drinktionary: J is for Julep

    Episode 10

    The basics of the Julep are as simple as cocktail making gets and comes in many forms... in actuality, the Julep pre-dates the modern cocktail and was known for sharing in the 1850's thanks to Mr. John Dabney.

  • Drinktionary: K is for Keg

    Episode 11

    Beer used to be served warm and barely carbonated (the horror). That is, until John Wafting invented the beer pump in 1688 which kickstarted a wave of new inventions that has resulted in the glorious keg brewers know and love.

  • Drinktionary: L is for Liqueur

    Episode 12

    Whether you have trouble pronouncing it, spelling it - or both - there's no denying that a proper understanding of liqueur is a key pillar in your quest to become a more educated drinker.

  • Drinktionary: M is for Martini

    Episode 13

    Maximum flavour and minimal ingredients make the Martini the one drink no one should fuck up.

  • Drinktionary: N is for New Orleans

    Episode 14

    A legendary city known for jazz, beignets, Mardi Gras, and open container laws.

  • Drinktionary: O is for Orgeat

    Episode 15

    We dare you to try and pronounce the name of this quintessential tiki drink ingredient.

  • Drinktionary: P is for Prohibition

    Episode 16

    A dry run through America's sad sober stint.

  • Drinktionary: Q is for Quinine

    Episode 17

    The magical ingredient that means your gin and tonic could theoretically cure Malaria.

  • Drinktionary: R is for Rounds

    Episode 18

    Teach all your stingy drinking mates proper etiquette and learn more about Rounds.

  • Drinktionary: S is for Shaking

    Episode 19

    Shaken, not stirred, what's the difference? Delve deeper into this critical cocktail process.

  • Drinktionary: T is for Terroir

    Episode 20

    Does French dirt taste better than American dirt? Let's talk about Terroir.

  • Drinktionary: U is for Underberg

    Episode 21

    Explore the German digestif known as Underberg.

  • Drinktionary: V is for Vodka

    Episode 22

    Love it or hate it, we dare you to define it. What exactly is vodka?

  • Drinktionary: W is for Whiskey

    Episode 23

    Like magic for adults, we explore whiskey.

  • Drinktionary: XYZ is for Examine Your Zipper

    Episode 24

    Examine yourself before you embarrass yourself, final thoughts on how to drink well and stay smart doing so.