• Beer Geek Bucket List: Fierce Beer

    Fierce Beer, BrewDog's neighbors just down the road in Aberdeenshire, have made a huge splash in the short few years since their founding. Martin pays a visit to Dave and Dave to try some beers and hear their story.

  • Burgers and Beers: Milkshake Headache Double IPA

    Trevor's mango-infused masterpiece Milkshake Headache Double IPA inspires Matthias to create an Indian-inspired Burger that will match up to the beer's explosion of flavor with a carefully constructed combination of South Asian elements.

  • Burgers and Beers: Juice Y Juice

    Matthias declares Trevor's fruit-forward American Pale Ale to be a "fine dining beer" and creates a next level burger to match up with it, featuring some top-shelf ingredients. It's a burger by chefs for chefs—and for the rest of us.

  • Burgers and Beers: Ninja vs. Unicorn (Pipeworks Brewing)

    After one taste of this amazing beer from Chicago's legendary Pipeworks Brewing Co., Chef Matthias decides he's going to need 3 days in the desert with a bag of mushrooms to match the intensity of flavors. Culinary mayhem ensues.

  • Craft Beer Adventure Club: Martin Dickie IPA

    Josh teams up with Brewdog co-founder Martin Dickie to make a hombrewed beer inspired by their legendary Punk IPA. Along the way, Martin discusses his inspiration for Punk IPA, his background as a distiller, and his love of skinny dipping.

  • Beer Geek Bucket List: The Kernel

    BrewDog co-founder Martin Dickie visits some of the most legendary brewers in the business and talks shop over beers.

  • Burgers and Beers: Cinnamon Prost Crunch

    What style of burger will Matthias be driven to create when Trevor unveils a sweet, horchata inspired cinnamon beer?

  • Craft Beer Adventure Club: Brian Thompson Fruited Sour

    Josh is joined by Brian Thompson, homebrewer-turned-founder of Telegraph Brewing Co., to brew a fruit forward apricot sour beer inspired by Telegraphs' highly regarded Gypsy Ale.

  • Craft Beer Adventure Club: Greg Koch IPA

    Josh visits Stone co-founder Greg Koch at their Escondido Bistro & Gardens to homebrew the famous Stone IPA.

  • Burgers and Beers: Goat Destroyer Maibock

    What kind of burger goes perfectly with a Maibock Lager from Chicago?

  • Burgers and Beers: Dovetail Rauchbier

    A perfectly craft Rauchbier from Dovetail Brewery gives Matthias his most ambitious idea yet: a deconstructed haggis burger. Ever wonder what goes into haggis? And how on earth this could possibly be good? You might be surprised.

  • Burgers and Beers: Assembly Required IPA (Forbidden Root Brewing)

    "Scientists are going to dissect your brain someday to figure out how you made that connection," Trevor tells Chef Matthias after he makes a culinary leap to pair a pear and rhubarb IPA with a French onion soup-inspired burger. Genius at its finest!

  • Burgers and Beers: Beezer Double IPA

    What burger will pair best with the citrus flavor of this double dry hopped IPA?

  • Burgers and Beers: Montrosé

    Matthias is instantly inspired to create a Far East Kobe Burger by Trevor's nod to a French rosé that combines Belma hops and Hallertau Blanc.

  • Burgers and Beers: Della Kolsch

    Matthias pulls out all the stops with this burger to complement Trevor's classic style Kolsch.

  • Beer Geek Bucket List: Cloudwater

    Cloudwater Brew Co is making Manchester legendary in a whole new way.

  • Beer Geek Bucket List: Sierra Nevada

    Ken Grossman: the man, the myth, the legend. Martin visits Sierra Nevada's Chico taproom for a special extended interview.

  • The BrewDog Show: Columbus, USA

    James and Martin are in their adopted US home in Ohio to brew the ultimate Columbus collaboration beer. With local breweries Land Grant, Seventh Son, and Rockmill they head to the Blue Jackets ice hockey rink to brew a beer with buckeye nuts, which are unfortunately poisonous.

  • BeerGeek Bucket List - The Kernel

  • Drinktionary: K is for Keg

    Beer used to be served warm and barely carbonated (the horror). That is, until John Wafting invented the beer pump in 1688 which kickstarted a wave of new inventions that has resulted in the glorious keg brewers know and love.

  • The BrewDog Show: London, UK

    James and Martin make the Ultimate Beer and Cider Shandy with Simon Wright, the founder of Hawkes Cidery, and they do it in the most British way possible: while stuck in traffic at the top of double decker bus.

  • Daily Drink: Brewdog Punk IPA Shandy

    Noted mixologist Jade Estabillo crafts the perfect beer cocktail featuring BrewDog Punk IPA and Cointreau.

  • The Brewer's Apprentice: Devon Randall

    Craft brewer Breeze Galindo sits down with Devon Randall, the brewmaster at LA’s Arts district Brewing Co., to find out what it took to work her way up through some of southern California’s most award winning breweries and earn her spot at the top of one of LA’s most popular craft beer destinations.

  • Daily Drink: On Holiday

    You won't need a vacation when sipping on LA master mixologist Jade Estabillo's rum and ginger beer On Holiday.